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          E-commerce Channel Announcement

          Dear Simon users,
          To ensure your legitimate rights and interests, Simon Electric (China) Co., Ltd. hereby solemnly introduces the web stores that we have signed good-faith sales agreements with and we can ensure the authenticity of their products and complete after-sale service through inspection and certification.

          Simon Electric (China) Co., Ltd. specially reminds you that if you buy our products via informal channels, you probably cannot completely enjoy the quality after-sale service of Simon. To protect your legitimate rights and interests, if you buy our switches and sockets on the internet, please check the authenticity of the product via the regular query path at the “Anti-counterfeiting Query Module” in our official website according to the anti-counterfeiting bar code of the product. Don’t believe the query result from any other irregular ways (like proxy servers and query result screen capture)!

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          Web Store Address

          1.The official flagship stores of Simon Electric (China)
          Sales platform Name of flagship stores Link address
          Tmall Simon Electric official flagship store http://simon.tmall.com/
          Tmall Simon Lighting official flagship store http://simonzm.tmall.com/
          Jingdong Mall Simon Electric official flagship store http://simondq.jd.com/
          Suning Simon Electric official flagship store http://shop.suning.com/70091136/index.html
          2.The authorized sales store of Simon Electric (China)
          Sales platform Franchised store name Link address
          Jingdong Mall Simon Youtao Store http://mall.jd.com/index-122424.html
          Jingdong Mall Simon Guangwentong Store http://mall.jd.com/index-27311.html
          Jingdong Mall Simon Jingdong Self-run Flagship https://mall.jd.com/index-1000101513.html
          Jingdong Mall Simon Official Jingdong Self-run Lighting Flagship http://mall.jd.com/index-1000003402.html
          Jingdong Mall Simon Yueyong Store http://simonyy.jd.com/
          Jingdong Mall Simon HuichengZhituo Store http://mall.jd.com/index-38017.html
          Suning Simon Electric official Furnishing Store http://shop.suning.com/70069310/index.html
          Suning Simon Electric flagship store https://asimon.suning.com
          Suning Simon Self-run Flagship https://shop.suning.com/30001455
          Tmall Simon Leshui Store http://simonls.tmall.com/
          Tmall Simon Shuangwu Store https://simonsw.tmall.com/
          Tmall Simon Senshang Store http://simonss.tmall.com/
          Tmall Dianliang Home Furnishing Store http://dljj.tmall.com/
          Tmall Luoshang Home Furnishing Store https://luoshangjj.tmall.com
          Tmall Simon Daili Store http://simondl.tmall.com/
          Tmall Simon Enwei Store http://simonew.tmall.com/
          Tmall Simon Ritai Store https://simonritai.tmall.com
          Tmall Jujiabanlv Home Furnishing Store http://jjbljj.tmall.com//
          Tmall Feibi Home Furnishing Store http://feibijj.tmall.com/
          Tmall Simon Youshui Store https://simonyoushui.tmall.com
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          Activity Area