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          Milestone of MISS China Project Implementation

          As a part of its globalization strategy, Simon Group has made the decision that all branches should adopt SAP system. For Simon China, the largest company of Simon Group, adopting SAP project will be tough and risky for the requirements of system complexity, rapid response and the massive business of Simon China.

          In August 2015, Mr. RoserGomilaZabala, the Vice IT & FinancePresident of Simon Group led a team to Hai’an in order to understand and research on the MUSIC9 information platform and its application procedure in Simon China. After multiple research and discussion, Mr. Jack Zhu, the General Manager of Simon China named the SAP project with MISS CHINA – Management Information System on SAP China.

          During the two weeks after Spring Festival in 2017, Simon Group and Simon China have overcome the obstacles oflanguage communication, and experienced the collision of management concepts. Simon Group hopes that Simon China can apply the standard SAP procedure, while Simon China wants an efficient and flexible information platform, which can not only meet the current business need, but also leave space for procedure reengineering and application deepeningfor future business development. To reach this target, we should establish an integrated management information platform based mainly on SAP system with the capability of respond to the business demands by its efficient and flexible applications.

          Finally, the project leader of Simon Group accepted our general ideas and an agreement has been reached by both parties. This may have a profound impact on information platform development of Simon China. First, the professional business management platform Landray was introduced to integrate multiple independent applications and to realize the portable working among large users. Second, the i9 system should be kept in efficient application in making plans in order to keep the flexible, fast and individual supply chain advantage of Simon China.

          As Alvaro Montero, managing person of production planning module, says, the implementation team and the Chinese team stood in the same trench finally.

          The launch of SAP system is undoubtedly the key step to integrate Simon China with the international management and operation of Simon Group. For Simon China, the change of management and operation system will bring the challenge, every Simon employees should strive to minimize the impact with the positive attitude.

          The launch of SAP system is a short-term goal. Raising our business to a higher level with the contribution of SAP is the real goal.

          Author:Simon  Source:Simon  Date:2017/10/31 9:23:56