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          Along with Great Architectures Simon CustomizedHigh-Speed Train Launched in China

          On September 26 2017, the launch ceremony "Meet Simon" for Simoncustomizedhigh-speed train was held in Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

          High-speed trainis one of the most common and popular ways to travel in China,with such channel,consumers are more likely to recognizeSimon brand. At the same time, the safety and comfort ofhigh-speed traincorrespondsto the Simon brand. It is desired that Simoncan keep in touch with consumers in the daily lifeof travelling.

          There are 4 train lines named after Simon includingBeijing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Hangzhou, Chengdu-Chongqing andWuhan-Guangzhou. Meanwhile, Simoninvolvesits brand bythree-dimensional and diversified way in the trains, such aslocomotivestickers, desk stickers, posters,outdoorandindoor stickers, LED screens, etc., Also there are many QR codesshown in the trains and consumers may easily scan it and participate invariousinteresting activitiesof Simon.

          Author:Simon  Source:Simon  Date:2018/1/10 14:46:26