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          Simon won the 2017 Home Industry Influence Brand

          On 10th Jan 2018, “The Upgrading of Consumption and Industrial Opportunities - the 2017 New Wave Peak Forum and the Chinese Home Furnishing Industry Award Ceremony", sponsored by the LEJU Home Industry, was held in Shanghai. Hundreds of senior experts, industry leaders and business managers from home industry gathered here to review the development process of the Chinese home industry in 2017 and discuss the industrial opportunities under the upgrading of consumption.

          The meeting honored the enterprises and individuals for their outstanding contributions to the development of the home furnishing industry in the past year, aiming to set a good example to promote the development of the home furnishing industry. Through different screening processes, Simon ultimately won the honorary title "2017 Home Industry Influence Brand" of LEJU Home Industry. In this year, Simon's market performance is obvious, such as the new i3 series switch and the Shang Lei series lamp. Whether it is the industry's reputation or users’ feedback, they all reflect the perfect combination of function and appearance of the product, which meets the needs of the new-era-consumers better.

          The new wave is endless. In the future, Simon will bring more surprises to consumers and play our influence in the home furnishing industry under the upgrading of consumption and industrial opportunities in order to promote the booming development of home industry continuously.

          Author:Simon  Source:Simon  Date:2018/4/2 17:06:39