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          "Magic & Reality" - Let's enter Dali's Dream World

          On the evening of July 20th, "Magic & Reality" Dali Shanghai Art Exhibition opening wine party was held in the art gallery of Shanghai Exhibition Center, announcing the official opening of the long-planned Dali Art Exhibition. Simon China participated in this activity. On the same day, Mr. Tan, Director of Simon China Image Planning Center, and Mr. Jiang, Vice Director of Simon China Marketing Management Center attended the opening ceremony on behalf of the company.

          "Picasso is Spanish and so am I. Picasso is a genius, so am I. Picasso is world-famous, so am I."Yes, this is one of the Dali's most famous sayings. As an artist, Dali's words and behaviors were quite different from those traditional artists. He expressed his understanding of surrealism by presenting an irrational, crazy and even fashionable art in different ways.

          If once Dali used the "absurdist criticism method" to create vivid and fantastic surreal dreams to express his strong social awareness, then Simon used switch products, lighting and color to dispel people's fear of war and insisted on integrating Spanish art into the design of products. Simon also created art on walls while providing families with safe care. Art has crossover, but more important in intercommunication. Like Dali and Simon, they express their understanding of life and their pursuit of beauty in different fields.

          Author:Simon  Source:Simon  Date:2018/10/16 13:09:28