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          Simon CSR Activities

          In early October 2016, overcoming the difficulties of hours of bumpy ride and altitude sickness, executives of Simon China arrived a remote mountainous school, named Pulizangwen, in Deqin County, Diqing, Yunan Province to conduct the public donation event.

          Pulizangwen School was established in 1997, which is the only school in the county focusing on Tibetan education. The admission is towards orphans and students from poor or single families in Deqin County and nearby. The school is completely free of charge. No education fees, living expenses, or tuitions are charged from poverty students. The school now has 61 students, 3 volunteer teachers and 14 teaching staff. The school is under a difficult condition that annual operating expense is only about RMB 130,000 to 150,000, mostly from the social aid participation.

          After understanding the actual situation, Simon China actively purchased beds for preschool students, washing machine, heaters, winter slippers, rice, fruits and etc. All these were sent to the school to improve children’s living condition. Although this was only humble efforts, we still hope these could become practical help for those children.

          In addition to aid materials, the executives had interactive chats with them to learn their recent conditions. In the process of having a lesson with the children, the executives found out that their eager and expectation to the knowledge and unknown future was the same as others’. One-day-accompany may do bring the children happiness, but it is still hard for us to further solve their life difficulties and problems.

          Therefore, some of the executives immediately decided to support them from now on, which would be continued until they had finished study accordingly. Our donation is not only love dedication for their growth, but also looking forward to inspire them to muster the courage to live and enhance their confidence to overcome difficulties.

          The accumulation of steps leads to thousand miles and the integration of streams results in seas and oceans.

          Simon China is always taking public charity as an important role in corporate social responsibility and adhering to the philosophy “Little Charity, Great Love”, and being continuously contribute to the society while the company develops. Simon China will actively participate in the corporate social activities and continue to contribute our strength to society.

          Please do not hesitate to join us if you are willing to improve children’s living conditions in Pulizangwen School. Your kindness may bring them a different future.

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