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          CompanyResponsibility, Public EventsFirst

          For more than a decade, Simon has been insistingin Project Hope. Each year, Simon works with the League Committee of PingliangCity, Gansu Province, to support 10 students who are outstanding in study but suffer from difficult family condition.With no exception,in 2017, a part of the students are from single-parent familieswhile manychildren live with their grandparents who live with the fear of unstablefamily economic source.Some of the childrenare at the risk of dropping out of school every day. Understanding the children's living and learning environment is very difficult, Simon immediately donated with foundation money collected from the company manager level and above employees’ voluntarily donated points.

          Thanks to colleagues for their love for Project Hope, the money will be used to purchase school supplies and some living expenses for children. The little help can only bring some improvement to the children's lives, but bring their future more possibilities, and let them feel the warmth from society. We hope these children can thrive tocontribute to their families and society.

          Simon has been concerned about public eventsfor a long time and has taken it as an important part of corporate social responsibility. Our volunteer team for Children’s Home was established in 2014 in Shanghai and it has expanded to nearly 20 members now.Volunteers' services have won the praises and welcome from the teachers and the special children. In 2017, according to the provisions of the Children’s Home, we changed a new service certificate with whichvolunteers can check their service time online. This not only reflects the professionalism of volunteer service, but also lets the volunteers’ lovehas the place to deposit.

          Simon has been contributing to societyover the years, and here we are also advocating for all of our colleagues to participate actively in public events. Company Responsibility, Public Events First, let’s join hands to let the sunshine of commonweal illuminate more place.

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